Dorothea is of Anguillian descent whose professional background entails public relations with a specialty in politics and corporate communications. Dorothea has already developed a sterling career working at senior positions with internationally recognized global brands such as Deloitte and Touche, Starbucks and others. She brings to the table seasoned experience in dealing with high-level, high net worth persons, an understanding and appreciation for strong organizational skills that are required in the corporate stratosphere and how to handle communications within this environment. Dorothea distinguished herself in the political arena when she became the first Black female Advisor to the House of Lords in London – no mean feat in that environment – and something for which she was recognized in the selective list of the top 100 influential Women in the United Kingdom during 2015 or 2016. In creating her company Aequitas Consulting, she has attracted an international clientele, has served as political counsel to a Prime Minister in the UK and other distinguished peers in the House of Lords as well as global figures. Dorothea unquestionably stands out with strong intellectual skills, equally strong organizational skills and I know that we can rely on Dorothea for her thoughtful advice on strategy, public relations and government relations, protocol and her insight on communications.

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