About Us

Established following the passage of Hurricane Irma (2017)

Pure Anguilla Foundation is a non-profit entity formed under the Anguilla Foundation Act R.S.A. cA62 and which came into existence in 2017 following the passage of Hurricane Irma and the significant devastation which resulted from the strongest hurricane on record ever formed in the Atlantic.

Pure Anguilla Foundation

The Founder


Josephine Gumbs-Connor

Founded by well known Anguillian Barrister and Solicitor Josephine Gumbs-Connor, Josephine brought together four other members who comprise the Council and whose skill set and experience span disciplines in the areas of finance, business, public relations and medicine.
Together, the highly respected individuals in their various fields represent a diverse panel who share the common interests of love for Anguilla and Caribbean People as a whole, and who intend seeking ways through philanthropy to develop the islands’ People and their circumstances, mitigate harsh circumstances affecting these small island states and their Peoples and build resiliency for the future.

Purposes of the Foundation

The Foundation has a wide range of areas that will capture the attention of Donors wishing to support this Foundation:


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Members of Council

They Need Your Help!

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